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When having multiple sexual relationships, especially when you are in a swinging lifestyle there is always a high risk of contracting some form of sexually transmitted disease (STD's). Therefore, it is quite important to take certain preventative actions.

The simplest and best preventive measure is the use condoms every time when sex takes places including vagina, anal or oral sex. Male latex condoms can reduce the risk from contracting any form of STD's if used correctly. Female condoms are also available, but are not as effective as male condoms.

Although the use of condom is not 100% safe from contracting STD's, therefore, general common sense and judgment by you when sex is called upon is required. If you see or notice any sores such as those present when you have herpes, or warts then it can be infectious. You should refuse sexual contact kindly. Be wise and alert for a safe swinging encounter.


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