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Swinging is about having fun. Therefore, staying fit, healthy and disease free is a must. We have hand picked the following simple tips to allow you and your partner to follow:


Lower your risk of contracting any unwanted STD's by protecting yourself and your partners by using latex condoms during anal, oral and vaginal intercourse's. Every new partners means a new condoms and switching from one kind of intercourse to another means other one.

Oral Sex

When oral sex is called for, protect yourself and your partners by using latex condoms (for man) or saran wraps (for woman).

Hands and Fingers

These are often use during foreplay as a form of teasing. Therefore, it is important that you have clean hands and fingers.

Sex Kits

A self prepared sex kit including your favorite brand of latex condom, lubricant, sex toys, clean towels, and all the things you need for swinging is highly recommended.


To protect yourself and your partner why not get vaccinated against STD such as hepatitis B. One simple vaccination protects you for life.


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