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Swinging safely has been an increasing concern especially in the world of ever changing diseases and infection. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD's) are particularly worrying for those who are new to this lifestyle.

Many would think swinging will increase your chances to contracting some sort of STD or even AIDS, but rest assure that this is not the case. A swinging lifestyle does not increase your chances in catching any sort of diseases. There is absolutely no public health concerns associated with swinging. This is only because all swingers are responsible in practicing safe sex.

Although, it is said that many swingers are practicing safe sex, but are probably not. The responsibility is back in you and your partner hands to stay health conscious at all time during swinging. It is wise to practice safe sex at all time and making sure that you and your partner are disease free.

Health risks are always present and it is up to you to make your own judgment in all situations when swinging.


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